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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How does encryption work?

    An encryption key is used to encrypt all documents before being stored. When a document is retrieved, the same key is used to decrypt the file before view/download.

  • How do you manage the data of all your clients ? is there a possibility of mix-up and others can access our data?

    Our development framework, web2py, provides inherent controls to ensure that only data for a single entity can be retrieved from the database at any given time.

  • What is the format in which data is returned on discontinuation of service?

    Compliance tasks are returned in an excel file. Documents are returned via AWS S3.


  • Can you integrate with our ERP?

    Yes, for a fee. No integrations are supported out of the box

  • How much is the ball park figure for integration?


  • What is the platform used to build Complius┬«?

    Python, Web2py and Angular

  • What are timelines for proof processing approval/rejection?

    3 business days


  • How do you source the content?

    We source the content through government sites. We also look for all the notifications on a daily basis by visiting the government sites. Currently, we track more than 700 sites that we visit regularly to look for an update and content.

  • Do you use any Database?

    No, we do not use any database. We search through the government sites to source the information.

  • What is the extent of your content coverage?

    We cover content to include legislations pertaining central, state and at local level (i.e. at municipalities). However, the coverage at the municipality is limited presently.

  • Which are the countries that you support today?

    We have a coverage of India, Singapore, and Malaysia that we support today.

  • How are my trackers going to be updated?

    The update (if found relevant) for the client will be mapped as either new or change to the current trackers. Once the update is received, we will map the changes to the client trackers in T+3 Days. since the application is deployed on the cloud, all updates occur transparently to end-users.

  • How is the client informed of the changes in regulation?

    All the changes/updates are collated on the fortnightly update which is published as a newsletter and circulated among the clients. We also circulate Special Update (for the regulatory changes that are immediately effective) on an email and circulate with clients. Applicable updates are reflected as new trackers or changes to existing trackers.

  • What is the method of determining applicable laws and regulations to an entity?

    Applicable laws and regulations to an entity are ascertained by seeking responses to an exhaustive questionnaire, coupled with site visit, client interview, etc. to arrive at the accurate compliance.

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