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How Legal Tech can Simplify your DPDPA journey?

The journey towards enacting privacy legislation in India has been a lengthy and challenging endeavour, involving extensive discussions and multiple drafts.

In 2017, Justice K. S. Puttaswamy (Retd.) and Anr. vs Union of India and Ors. Read More

Regulators and Technology: The Evolution of Regulatory Approaches in the Digital Age

The mounting evidence indicates that the technological progress in the 21st century has significantly impacted governments. The development and implementation of regulations by governing bodies, along with the methods employed by regulatory agenci

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How fintech companies can streamline compliance with AI?

Fintech companies can leverage AI to streamline compliance processes and enhance regulatory adherence. Here are some ways in which AI can be utilized to streamline compliance in fintech:


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Trends in Legal Tech to watch in 2023


The term “legal tech” describes how technology is used in the legal industry to speed up procedures, automate jobs, and increase productivity. Legal practitioners gain from it

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Digital Currency & The Rise Of CBDC In The Country

Digital currency is a form of currency that exists in electronic form and operates independently
of any central bank. It is secured by cryptography and uses Blockchain Technology for recording
transactions. Due to the advent of smartph

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Interface Between Corporate Social Responsibility And Environment, Social And Corporate Governance


Corporate bodies established in India are now accountable for social development along with their economic targets. They cannot shy away from this responsibility; the Indian Companies Act ma

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Role of Artificial Intelligence in Compliance and Governance

Artificial intelligence is a wide-ranging branch of computer science that is concerned with building systems capable of performing tasks that typically require human intelligence such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, natu

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An Overview of India’s Personal Data Protection Bill and Its Implications for Tech Companies

India’s Personal Data Protection Bill (PDPB) is set to be a significant piece of legislation for tech companies operating in India. The PDPB seeks to regulate the collection, storage, processing, and transfer of personal data of individuals

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The Latest Developments in India’s E-Commerce Regulatory Framework

India has experienced significant growth in e-commerce in recent years, with an estimated 80 million online shoppers in the country. As the e-commerce sector continues to expand, its regulatory framework has evolved in response to emerging challen

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Role of Company Secretaries in Data Protection & Forensic Audit

Cybersecurity refers to the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software, and sensitive data, from theft, damage, or disruption caused by unauthorized access, cyberattacks, and other malicious activities. Th Cybersecurity

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