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About Contractum™

The industry’s most comprehensive cloud-based Contract Life-cycle management solution that puts contracts on Autopilot!

Managing contracts effectively and efficiently is central to the very existence of the many departments. Poor contract management poses a significant risk to company results. Once a contract is executed, milestones and obligations must be met, while critical contract deadlines and renewals can’t be missed. Contractum™ provides a secure and customizable platform for automating and optimizing your contract process – from creating new contract requests to electronic signature with approvals, connecting users from multiple groups, departments, and geographic locations.

How Our Tool Helps You Manage Contracts



Host your existing contract agreements, templates, documents, and associated versions in a secure central repository.



Create new contract requisitions, generate new contracts from scratch.


Organize and Manage

Standardize your contracts with user-defined templates and define workflows. Reminders, notifications help you proactively manage contract.



Control contract version, give access based on roles, identify risks and contract obligations, and get approval via email-based workflow.



Report to your management based on category or user-defined reports.

Core Competence

Easy-to-Use And Secure

Contractum™’s user interface makes your contract management simple and secure. It integrates directly with digital signature apps and your email clients. You get alerts, notifications, and manage your contract through emails.

Role-based Access

Give control and access to contract documents based on who needs to see what.

Contract Approval Workflow

Create an approval workflow based on required internal and external parties for the contract and define a workflow for owners across all locations.

Open Contract Requisition

Contractum™ allows various stakeholders in the organization to request new contracts or review third-party contracts.

Easy Contract Creation From Template

Our tool is equipped with proprietary tagging language for integration. Once you input validations, they will be updated across the contract.

Contract Management and Record

New contract moves into the Contract Management System that includes: core information, additional fields, versions, supporting documents, custom notifications.

Customizable Contract Approval Process

Easy to use for approval - automated detection of approval/rejection and vocabulary based configuration, and automated update in document versioning.

Obligation Management

Contractual obligations can be tracked and closed by creating tasks.


Do you customize/configure your product per additional client requirements?

Yes, we will customize and configure Contractum to your requirements. Please send a list of requirements to with your details and we will get in touch with you.

How to migrate existing contracts?

We review current contract templates and provide solutions based on the volume. Automate abstraction of data for existing contracts to reduce human efforts, errors, and do quality checks to ensure current data is migrated correctly.

Does Contractum have version control for contract documents?

Yes, Contractum allows for full versioning of contract documents entered into a contact record.

How do I download your software?

This is a cloud-based software, you don’t need to download it in your system. There is no requirement of your IT team to help you configure.

Where are documents stored?

Contractum™ stores all your documents on a secure server, with role-based access control. The storage system becomes the central vault for all the documents in your organization.

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