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Tracking internal tasks and outcomes is now easy with Complius®.

A well-built regulatory compliance management system in an organization, reinforces business ethics and ensures organizational behaviour while also managing customer demands, competition and revolution in legislations.

A compliance automati

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Managing event-based compliances. Now in your hand!

What is an event-based compliance?

Event-Based Compliances are mandatory compliances which are beyond the usual and mandatory, periodically determined compliances made by the organization with ROC and other administrative authorities. The

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Why compliance teams need to be celebrated!

As individuals or as corporates, there are days that are celebrated. But within the corporate fraternity, there is one day that may or may not be observed with a lot of gusto. It is September 26. The Compliance Officer’s Day. Well, just a day m

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Compliance Automation – the business case for investment

In the last financial year, RBI has slapped steep fines across a number of Indian and foreign banks for non-compliance.
The size of the IT industry in just France and Germany is estimated to be in excess of 150 billion USD. To do busines

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How Intelligent Automation Is Redefining The Future Of Compliance

Automated tools are now starting to help organisations drive efficiencies in compliance management. At the webinar on 23rd April, industry leaders shared thoughts on how intelligent automation is changing the future of compliance. Watch the compl

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Pruning compliance costs while still staying compliant

Escalating costs of running the organizations especially in the last year is a cause of concern.

Companies today exist in a challenging environment. Policies, regulations, and market dynamics have constricted profitability. Among others

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Extension of Timeliness under Income-tax Act, 1961

Central Board of Direct Taxes (‘CBDT’) vide Circular No 9 of 2021 dated May 20, 2021 has in light

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Dreaming big? Simple steps to help close your funding round 40% faster

Picture the following.

You’re the founder of a growing start up making all the right noises. Your GMV is through the roof, or platform engagement figures show steady improvement and the company is showing all the right signs for futur

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Compliances On Your Fingertips For Senior Executives

Quant LegalTech announces the launch of India’s first C-suite mobile app to help senior executives track compliances on the go. The app is available for download on both Android and iOS.

Driving a culture of compliance is always a

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KYC in financial services and it’s importance

KYC in financial services requirements have been prevailing in the Indian financial markets since the year 2002. Owing its birth to the efforts involved in curbing of fraudulent financial transactions, it now goes much further than just suppressi

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