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Digitizing Contracts – An essential for any business.

December 30, 2020

Digitizing Contracts – An essential for any business. Big or Small.

The Pandemic has just forced you to rethink the use of your office space. You want to know which of your numerous lease agreements has a force-majure clause that you can quickly enforce. Do you have a system that gives you this data in seconds? This is just one of numerous uses that a robust contract life-cycle management system can play in day-to-day running of your business. As transactions increase, the number of contracts increases as well. It’s imperative that contracts save time and not consume time. The contract management life-cycle platform can help you mitigate risks. Here are the benefits of digitizing contracts and having a contract system in place.

Never miss a contract renewal date

With a contract management platform, you can make sure you are notified of the deadline a few days in advance, or on that specific day or both. This gives you that extra time to prepare with all the documents needed so that you get everything right. 

Retrieve your contracts anytime, anywhere within minutes

Contract management tools give you the power to quickly find the required documents and lets you retrieve all your contracts with powerful search capabilities to find the right contract in minutes. 

More than a just a cloud server

Storing contracts on cloud servers solves the problem of access but it can still be tedious work searching for information about contract commitments, renewal dates etc. A contract management platform solves both access and search-ability with added benefits of reminders, reports and role based access.

Less headache managing physical documentation

All agreement relevant documentation is stored in a single location. Users can directly scan and import documents. No messy cabinets anymore.

Be contract compliant

While dealing with large contracts it’s necessary that the contracts are held to compliance standards. Contract management software makes sure that the documents are only edited by people who are responsible for and the changes are tracked and the version is controlled. It checks the vendor and clients are on the same terms.

Contractum™ provides a reliable, efficient and compliant centralized contract management platform that is secure & customizable for automating and optimizing your contract process. From creating new contract requests to electronic signature with approvals, connecting users from multiple groups, departments, and geographic locations, contract creation, management, and reporting become an easy breeze with Contractum™.