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How Complius® Helps You Comply



Identify the law areas relevant to the line of business



Simple actionable steps called “Activities”



Users assigned based on the department


Remind And Monitor

Reminders to “owners” and escalation emails to “managers”



Repository of Statutory Forms for Filings



Anytime / Anywhere access to Proofs repository


Report and Clarify

Reports and App for senior management to check status of compliance

Core Competence

Email Based Workflow - Perfect for remote working

Complete compliance tasks directly on the email without having to log in to the platform. Together with our cloud-based platform - Complius® is perfect for teams who work remotely across the globe

Improve Productivity and accountability

Role based access ensures that users get access to tasks that only they are responsible for, while the management and audit functions have the necessary to give oversight.

Audit Ready. Always.

All your compliance proofs are centrally accessible anytime, anywhere, and on any device. So whether it is your next funding round or internal/3rd party audit, you know you’re ready for an audit at a moment’s notice!

We know the law. We have you covered.








Annual Statutory Compliance
Laws Last Year


Finance & Taxation

116 Acts
3,284 Compliances
990 Filings


107 Acts
2,922 Compliances
231 Filings


463 Acts
32,542 Compliances
3,048 Filings

Industry Specific

484 Acts
17,966 Compliances
1,262 Filings


189 Acts
6,928 Compliances
472 Filings


68 Acts
3,526 Compliances
493 Filings

Others (RBI, SEBI, etc.)

109 Acts
2,065 Compliances
122 Filings



Case Studies



How quickly can we implement Complius?

Complius can be implemented very quickly, in as little as one week in many instances. The setup is all done inside the software itself, and is easy to do.

Additionally, our support staff will help you with implementation assistance over the phone or via web meeting, or for the most effective and speedy implementation, we have onsite services available.

Do you help us with compliance filing and related work?

Yes, we help companies with end-to-end compliance management. Our software helps you with discovery and automation of compliance while our associated vendors help you with compliance management, filing and everything else.

How do I know what compliance regulations apply to my business?

Talk to us. Once we understand your area of business and scope of work, our experts will guide you on the law areas you need to look at, and the number of compliances applicable to your company. Also, we direct you on how to stay on top of compliance regulations.


Quant LegalTech is the Singapore parent company of a group which has been building legal compliance solutions in India for more than 6 years. Quant LegalTech is a legal tech firm that is at the forefront of changing the way the legal industry works today.

QLT’s mission is to enable and accelerate the Digitization of legal services for both legal departments and law firms alike. In an environment where a broad range of technologies have emerged to increase efficiencies and accelerate the speed of delivery of innovative legal services, Quant LegalTech aims to be at the forefront of this transformation and to bring products to market which harness the synergies of engineering and law to solve some of the most pressing problems in legal and regulatory-tech.

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